Euro Delicacies - Authenthic Mediterranean Cooking
        Please E-mail us for a price list, as prices may vary with quantity. 

~Catering Menu~

Each full pan - $ 79.99 ( Serves 20-24 )
Each half pan - $ 44.99 ( Serves 8-12)

-Spanakopita- Greek pastry with a filling of chopped spinach, cheese, onions, olive oil and seasoning.(VEGETARIAN)
-Eggplant Parmigiana- Fresh local eggplant thinly sliced and layered in our home made marinara sauce.(VEGETARIAN)

-Pile Pita- Boneless  seasoned chicken and caramelized vegetables layered together with filo dough served with a house cucumber based sause

-Mussaka-Thinly sliced red potatoes, ground sirloin and caramelized vegetables layered together and topped with a French béchamel sauce.

-Stuffed Peppers-
Seasoned ground beef with rice stuffed in a red pepper which is topped with mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce.

-Sarma (Stuffed Cabbage)-Seasoned ground beef with rice stuffed in cabbage roll.

 Ground seasoned sirloin stuffed in home made filo dough served with a home made cucumber based sauce.
-(Also available in vegetarian style stuffed with caramelized vegetables)

                                          ~SALADS & SIDES~
-Dola (Stuffed Grape Leaves )- Stuffed grape leaves with white rice topped with feta cheese.

-Sopska Salad- chopped fresh vegetables with feta cheese. 
 -Greek Salad- Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, onions and feta cheese.             
-Grilled Chicken Salad-salad with grilled marinated  chicken.
-Sweet Potato Salad-Steamed sweet potatoes topped with walnuts, cranberry's and scallions in olive oil sauce.
Each Full pan -  $60 ( feeds 20-25)
Each half pan - $35   (feeds 10-15)

-Apple Strudel-
                                 ~KEEPING YOUR FOOD WARM~ 

Our food will be delivered hot, but you can keep your food warm throught  your event if needed by using chafing dishes. We can provide all of the necessary items that you would need to keep your food warm (chafing dishes and fuel) for an additional service charge.
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